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Host support
iTelnet supports any type of host running a Telnet daemon: Windows servers, IBM AIX, SCO Unix, SCO Unixware, HP-UX, Linux (any), other Unix flavours
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iTelnet on the road
Supports any host: Windows, AIX, SCO, Linux, ...
iTelnet will allow you to connect to any host, using your Pocket PC, Windows CE, or any other device with Microsoft O/S...
You can connect to your Windows host and run old MS-DOS programs, or you can connect to your IBM AIX server, your SCO Unix or SCO Unixware, your HP-UX, your Linux, or any other Unix flavour.

iTelnet will use any available network. Using WiFi or GPRS is same easy.

iTelnet will allow you for a rich Telnet experience, because it supports industry standard ANSI emulation with colors etc. It does also support graphic DOS/Unix characters, so if your program does support them too, you get the maximum of a character based UI.

Modern technology- Broad range of devices
Runs on Pocket PCs 2003, Windows CE 4.0 devices, or newer...
iTelnet uses latest Microsoft's .NET technology, so it can run on any Modern Windows mobile terminal like Microsoft Pocket PCs 2003, Windows CE 4.0, or newer devices.
It supports both Portrait and Landscape modes, as well as several screen dimensions.
ANSI full color
Industry standard ANSI colour emulation is supported. iTelnet also supports graphic DOS/Unix characters, allowing for the richest user experience.
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UI language
iTelnet comes with a double user interface: English and Greek.
User may change it any time.
Full Greek support
Both GR 928/437
iTelnet supports English and both Greek 928 and 437 character sets.
WiFi or GPRS
Using any network of your choise or availability is same easy.
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