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Print anywhere
Print on a thermal printer or on a fax
You could also send your signed invoice through email. It is absolutely legal!
Conventional systems require a dot matrix printer…
Absolute security
Never miss a signature
Because A and B files are created and kept in company 's central offices (company 's server) there is no danger for losing them. No more surprises from the SD or the CF card losing all their data!
No special training
In fact, no training at all
Because the whole procedure is handled centrally, salesmen will only focus on their job: sales. There is nothing to learn about electronic signature, no errors to occur because of incorrect device handling.
Save money
Not a signing machine for each salesman on the road
No acquisition costs, no maintenance costs, no training costs.
Save more money
Not a dot matrix printer for each salesman on the road
In fact there is no need for a printer at all. Salesmen can print on customer fax or email.
TaxSpooler on the road
True mobility for the traveling user - Get an electronic signature from anywhere in the world!
Salesmen can now issue any kind of document that needs an electronic signature without the hassle of carrying a incomfortable (volume and weighty) and inelegant device.

According to late modifications to Greek Tax law, conventional systems require either pierce sealed paper on a dot matrix printer which is -in most cases- inconvenient for the mobile user, or a an inconvenient tax signing machine which is also dangerous, for many reasons.

TaxSpooler client for CE will get the signature (when needed) over the net, using GPRS or whatever network is available.

The right tool for the right market
Designed for both one time developers and software houses too
Integration with .NET Compact Framework 2.0 helps for ease of development, fast and simple.

Just a single class, that is a control, to add. Predefined default value properties allows you nearly no modification. Ready to run.

Just call only one method, GetSign(). No hassle, no complex setup, no learning curve.

Designed from the creator of TaxSpooler server, best in the market.

Check the class
.NET C# class description

Public properties

  • string IP: DNS name or IP of TaxSpooler server
  • int Port: Port number for TaxSpooler server. Default is 20100.
  • string StrId: String identification for TaxSpooler server. Required in order that TaxSpooler server can distinguish each salesman A and B files.
  • int TimeOut: Timeout in seconds, for TCP/IP reads/writes. Means unlimited if set to 0. Default is 120.
  • string retStr: Readonly, contains the returned signature.

Public Methods

  • int GetSign(string src) Get signature for text contained in src

Requirements: Requires TaxSpooler server or newer.

Example C# code
Compiles for both Pocket PC and Windows CE
Ease of development
Fast and simple
Integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003.
A single class, just a control to add. Convenient properties (with default supplied values) specify TaxSpooler server, port number, and string id.
Just a single method to call.
Full .NET compliance
.NET compact framework compatibility
All code is written in C#. Return values follow TaxSpooler TCP/IP client convention. Will run on all Windows CE .NET environments (Pocket PC, etc.)
Full Greek support
Use Unicode standard
TaxSpooler will make the conversion to GR928 (required by the Greek taxation system) for you, even there is no support from the O.S. (many versions of Windows CE i.e. do not contain pre-installed support for GR 928, otherwise Windows-1253).
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